Knights of the World

Luers Spirit lives on in our vibrant alumni community. Stay connected with fellow Knights and join us for school and alumni events throughout the year.

We love to share your special announcements and personal achievements with the Bishop Luers alumni community.

Class of 2019: 126

Luers Alumni: Over 9,000

Colleges Represented: 40

Noteworthy knights

Saying Goodbye to Luers’ Legends

This year we have 2 teachers retiring from Bishop Luers High School with a combined time of 45 years of dedicated work here.

Class reunions

Are you looking forward to reuniting with your Luers family? So are we! Click below to learn about upcoming reunions.

New At Bishop Luers

Hey Seniors, Remember This?

Student Life
It’s the 60th anniversary of Luers, let’s reminisce on what high school was like back in the glory days. What was Luers like back then?

Summer Reading

Summer Reading assignments are due by the start of school. Here is a complete list of the summer reading assignments for each English class.

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