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We’re committed to fostering an educational experience centered on respect, dignity, and personal excellence to help students thrive academically, socially, and spiritually.

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Making Catholic Education

Accessible to All

A Catholic education at Bishop Luers High School is a financial investment into the future of all our students. We understand the sacrifice families make to provide for this investment. We also know, like any great investment, students at Bishop Luers obtain great returns during their 4 years and beyond. We want our families to know that the cornerstone of our financial aid program is to offer personalized support to help families make attending Bishop Luers a reality.

"Luers Spirit is a sense of community that unites us, under God, and allows us to take pride in everything we do. You should choose Bishop Luers because everyone here - teachers, staff and friends - want you to be successful and will help you through your high school journey."

Current students: 482

Student to teacher ratio: 13:1

Average class size: 15

Graduation rate: 98%

Jenny Andorfer '81
Jenny Andorfer '81
Director of Admissions
B.S., Ball State University
Laura Martinez '80
Laura Martinez '80
Admissions Assistant - Hispanic Liaison
Gretchen Steele '97
Gretchen Steele '97
Tuition Manager
B.A., Indiana University
M.A., University of South Carolina


Please send any questions to Jenny Andorfer at jandorfer@bishopluers.org