We are bishop Luers

Bishop Luers High School is a Catholic educational institution which fosters dignity, integrity, respect and responsibility in all students. Centered on Catholic truths and traditions, students have the opportunity to excel both academically and spiritually as they prepare for their future.

Lu·ers Spi·rit
/loors 'spirit/ noun

It’s more than school pride.

It’s the bond which unites us, turning a diverse community of students and alumni into a tight-knit family. It’s the levels of excellence toward which we strive in academics, athletics, and the arts. It’s the deep respect we hold for our Catholic faith and educational excellence. It’s the intellectual curiosity which inspires us to continue learning, growing, aiming high, and moving forward.

It’s the little voice inside us when we walk through the front doors reminding us who we are: We are the light of the world.

Year founded: 1958

Enrollment: 511

Number of faculty: 40

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Bishop Luers Annual Scholarship Exam and Shadow Visits

Henry-Keefer Scholarship Exam and Eighth Grader Shadow Visits Now Being Scheduled

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Saturday, November 23, 2019 Turkey Trot @Columbia Street West 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM Tickets $25.00, Sponsorships Available

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