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Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO)

Support a student at Bishop Luers with a contribution to the SGO fund and receive Indiana tax benefits!

Friends of Bishop Luers High School can support tuition assistance through the SGO of Northeast Indiana before December 31st, and receive a 50% credit on your Indiana state tax return. For more information and to complete the donation form, click here: Click on the “Donate” button to complete the form online (be sure to indicate Bishop Luers as your school of choice), and then either make donation by credit card or mail a check to complete the process!

What is the tax credit available to SGO donors?

Donors are eligible to take advantage of a 50% credit against their state tax liability for these contributions. If a donation exceeds a donor's tax liability for the year, the credit can be used against future tax liabilities. Unlike a tax deduction, where your charitable donation can be removed from your taxable income, a credit directly reduces your tax liability “off the bottom line”. Who can qualify for the tax credit? Are there limits to how much you can give? Individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, PCs, and self-employed are all eligible for the tax credit; in fact, any entity with a state tax liability can receive the benefit from a donation to the SGO. There are no limits on the size of donations per entity or individual; you or your business can donation $5 or $25,000 depending on the remaining credits available in the statewide cap. What is an example of the possible tax benefits for my gift to the SGO? Depending on your tax bracket, a donation of $1000 to the SGO could result in: Donation to SGO $1000.00 50% state tax rebate (-$500.00) 25% federal deduction ($500.00 x 25%=-$125.00)_____________________________Net cost to you $375.00

**Consult your tax advisor to determine your specific tax situation.