The Transitus of St. Francis

St. Francis' Passage into Heaven

October 3 is the feast day of Bishop Luers' patron Saint, St. Francis of Assisi. The Transitus of St. Francis is a celebration of the passage of the saint from his earthly life to the glory of heaven. Transitus is a Latin word which means “passage” or “crossing over.” In all of the accounts written about the death of St. Francis, it is always remarked that he crossed from earthly life to eternal life with the Lord, filled with joy and having written his Canticle of Creation.

In celebrating the Transitus, we are reminded that death is a part of life, that the final journey of our earthly existence is nothing to be feared, but to be celebrated and embraced. For it is only through death that we come to the full joy of the Lord. Bishop Luers High School is celebrating Transitus throughout the day today in the Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi. A copy of the program used by students, faculty and staff may be found at the link: Transitus of St Francis Program 2021