Water to Wine-Wine to Cash Fundraiser!

One Hope Wine
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  • There are 2 links provided. 1. Corporate gifting & 2. Onehopewine.com
  • The early bird gifting catalog on select items in the corporate catalogue is on sale until November 11th.
  • The corporate gifting link provides several items that can be custom etched to showcase your business and make your gift memorable whether it’s on a sparkling brut shimmer bottle or wood gift box.
  • Custom wine labels on either our Vintner Chardonnay or Vintner Cabernet can also be purchased through the corporate gifting catalog to showcase your business and thank your customers.
  • Contact Judy Filler, 260-445-6299, to schedule a phone call to discuss corporate gifting so we can best serve your needs.
  • The second link is for all wine offerings and gifting boxes designed for many gifting occasions.
  • Please contact Judy Filler, 260-445-6299 with all questions.