Lady Knights Volleyball

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Becky Edens


Varsity Assistant: Claire Hemphill

JV Coach: Nichole Mehr

Freshman Coach: Cora Graber

Practice: 6pm - 8pm

In the Bishop Luers Gym


Home games begin with the freshman at 5:00pm, JV around 6:00pm, and Varsity around 7:30pm. Players from all teams are expected to be in the gym no later than 3:30 for team meals and to help with freshman warmups.

Away games differ in start time. For most games, a bus will be provided by the school for transportation. It is expected that all players ride the bus to the game from Bishop Luers.

Prior to practice before a game, teams are allowed, but not required, to do a team dinner. This does not replace the team meal before games but is in addition to it. These dinners are not mandatory to attend but are encouraged.

If you decide to leave an away game with your parents, a transportation release form signed by a parent/guardian must be turned in before the player leaves that night.


Workout 1

10 burpees

20 pushups

30 tuck crunches

40 hip raises

50 calf raises

40 speed skaters

30 mountain climbers

20 tuck jumps

10 tricep pushups

Workout 2

Do as many rounds as you can for 20 minutes

10 Tuck jumps

10 lemon squeezers

10 shoulder taps

10 squat jumps

10 super man

10 donkey kicks

10 leg lifts

10 mountain climbers

10 hip raises

10 no weight deadlift

Workout 3

Do as many rounds as you can for 20 minutes:

10 pushups

30 second plank

30 air squats

30 second side plank

5 chatagunga pushups

30 air squats

30 second side plank

15 dips

30 air squats

Workout 4

Do 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of each movement. Do 8 rounds total:







Workout 5

Go as many rounds in 20 minutes:

15 no weight deadlifts

5 burpees

10 jumping jacks

4 burpees

10 pushups

3 burpees

15 mountain climbers

2 burpees

10 dips

1 burpee

10 donkey kicks