Hey Seniors, Remember This?

Since it’s the 60th anniversary of Luers, let’s reminisce on what high school was like back in the glory days. What was Luers like back then? The teachers were mostly sisters and priests; the school was separated between genders; the dress code was different; and there seemed to be more school spirit. I think it's safe to say that Luers has changed a lot in the past 60 years whether it’s the cosmetic aspects or the body of the school.

Seniors, we are almost done. We are in the homestretch of senior year and everything is getting more and more surreal. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Within our four years at Luers, it’s safe to say there has been many changes within Luers. Whether its teachers leaving, changes in the cafeteria, or changes in the student body, there have been many. First and foremost, the biggest change is the structure of Luers. Teachers have moved classrooms, new windows and lights have been installed, and the remodeling of the media center and the chapel have been the biggest differences. Within four years, everyone in the front office has been moved around: the principal, vice principal, dean of students, secretary, and nurse. Another major change in the school has been the teachers that have left: Mr. Sorg and Ms. Karst were legends and will always hold a place in our hearts. Will Huth added, “Ms. Fetch was one of my favorite teachers who has left and she is a lovely lady.” Every teacher that works at Luers impacts each student he/she has encountered.

Another change that boiled everyone’s blood happened this school year... the dress code! Not too much changed but the thing that got to people is having to wear polos every day. It's not as bad as everyone thought it would be, but the tee shirts under the quarter zips are missed. More changes that deal with the student body is the parking lot and clubs. Seniors have the privilege of buying a parking spot and painting whatever they want on them! This will be a tradition that makes senior year even better and to make more memories with your friends. A couple of clubs that have formed these past 4 years is Home Ec Club and Student Leadership Board. Along with these, next year they are planning on reviving Student Council by having a student body president and class representatives. With time it is inevitable that things will change. It will be fun to see what else will change in the next 10 years at Luers!

Whatever it is, someone will always have complaints. We took a poll to see what students at Luers would change if they had the power. Carlos Rhodriquez commented, “NO UNIFORMS!” We can all hope, but I don’t think that'll be happening anytime soon. Other students would like to change the food in the cafeteria, such as the snack line. The ice cream machine was a hit a couple years ago, a lot of people would LOVE to see that come back. Maddie Parsenow would like to change the gym. Maybe a little paint and make it larger.