Bishop Luers Sodalitas Service Groups

Sodalitas is a fellowship of students and adults at Bishop Luers High School who are helping to fulfill part of the BLHS mission of serving each other and the community through the development, planning and implementation of service. Our vision is to cultivate a desire for service and leadership as disciples of Jesus Christ. Sodalitas is comprised of approximately 30 student-led service groups of 15-20 students guided by peer and adult leaders.

Bishop Luers High School started our Sodalitas program to serve our community and instill the desire to serve in our high school age youth. We believe by working as volunteers now, we will develop lifelong volunteer laborers to aid those in need, many of whom are already our family, friends and neighbors in the Bishop Luers community. All Bishop Luers students are involved in Sodalitas, providing a large pool of volunteer labor available to go out and impact our community through already established, effective charitable organizations. Our approach is unique in that it’s our student Sodalitas leaders that reach out to local charities seeking service opportunities needed most in the community. Sodalitas is about service, not programming, fundraising or mission work. We simply exist to serve those in need, modeling Christ and His disciples.

Bishop Luers will hold the first Sodalitas service day of this school year in October.

The national volunteer rate is calculated to be $28.54 / hour, representing the savings to organizations utilizing volunteer labor. Sodalitas contributed $13,400 of savings for the organizations we partnered with by doing our service projects! Bishop Luers students are making a long-term impact, and sharing our Luers Spirit with the local community is just one way Bishop Luers is "The Light of the World". Go Knights!