Bishop Luers Knight Tales

The Bishop Luers High School Knight Tales are an ensemble of Bishop Luers High School theatre students. The students volunteer to participate in Knight Tales, and are directed and taught by Performing Arts Chair Karlene Krause.

Knight Tales started out around 2003 as an opportunity for Bishop Luers' theatre students to present a short play at local elementary schools to K-4 students, giving the theatre students additional production experience. Over time, the program developed into a 3 day workshop, which is now 90% student run. In 2019, the Knight Tales program expanded to include a dinner theatre production produced, written and starring Knight Tales students. The goal of Knight Tales is two fold. First, they seek to bring children and adults
into the world of theatre by engaging them with pantomime, improvisation, make-up, costumes and props used in theatrical production. Secondly, Knight Tales seeks to produce engaging theatrical productions for children and adults, particularly those who may otherwise not be reached with this form of art. Check out the images below of the Knight Tales in action in rehearsal as well as live performance!

The Knight Tales are currently available for limited booking engagements and performances. Contact Karlene Krouse at for more information.