Bishop Luers Faculty Interview with Esther Baird

Enhancing Abilities and Outcomes for the Knights- Esther Baird, Special Education Director

Esther Baird, in her fifth year on staff at Bishop Luers, brings a wealth of knowledge and 32 years of experience to her position overseeing all Special Education programs at Bishop Luers High School. She oversees a team of four faculty and paraprofessionals and provides services to approximately 9% of the student body. Mrs. Baird and her team in the “Resource Room” provide a high level of support for all Knights needing assistance in achieving their fullest academic potential.

Mrs. Baird pointed out a unique aspect of teaching as a special education professional, stating that “Our department supports all academic subjects- we work in tandem with the core subject teachers. We particularly reinforce reading and math teaching, but we also focus on study skills, test taking skills, note skills, which assist the student in all subjects. We made a broad impact.”

Mrs. Baird has had the opportunity to work with all age groups throughout her career but has found the high school experience to be her favorite: “The kids make me smile. It is funny to say, but after coming to Bishop Luers my favorite grades to work with are now high school students. The conversations, sharing likes and interests…the kids here are the highlight. I go home every day feeling good!”

What makes the Special Education Department an important part of the Catholic high school experience?

“As a Catholic school, we believe in including all students in our educational community to the best of our ability, and that includes students with disabilities. What makes Catholic education unique is the marriage of our Catholic traditions and values with preparing our students for the future once they leave Bishop Luers. The sense of community and support, which is so Christ-like, creates success for our students. Our kids learn charity, giving of themselves, and respect for individual differences.”

What makes Bishop Luers special?

“The love, support and care for one another which students demonstrate is unlike anything I have seen anyplace else. You see the second great commandment taught by Christ “love thy neighbor as yourself” every day. You see it in the actions of everyone at Bishop Luers!”

For more information regarding Bishop Luers Special Education Department, contact Esther Baird at 260-456-1261, extension 3230, or at