Academic Super Bowl State Finalists

Academic Super Bowl is an academic competition held every year by the Indiana Association of School Principals. Bishop Luers competes for the conference title during one of the invitational sessions. The 2019 Academic Super Bowl theme is “The American Woman 1920-2020". There are five subject areas – social studies, math, English, science, and fine arts- and a combined area, interdisciplinary round. The subject areas have content relative to the theme, most of which is not presented in regular curriculum at school.

Congratulations to our Academic Super Bowl Teams, moderated by Alicia Baumgartner, for their incredible performance this year, culminating with a strong showing at the State ASB meet this week! Here are the final results (teams and coaches pictured below):

English-7th Victoria Cortez, Stella Baker, Catherine Bougher, Colton Gerardot, Coached by Kathy Schall and Kate Sturm

Fine Arts-2nd Grace Bryant, Stella Baker, Teddy McComb, Virginia Gladding, Coached by Adam Hanke

Social Studies-2nd Rebekah Staples, Justin Stuczynski, Kala Ware, Sara Braun, Coached by Drew Heiniger

Interdisciplinary-2nd Mary Bireley, Grace Bryant, Lucy Shafer, Sam Hall, Coached by Alicia Baumgartner, Kathy Schall, Adam Hanke and Drew Heiniger

A dedicated team of Knights and faculty made this possible! Go Knights!