Band students

Bishop Luers Benefactors

Thank you for supporting Bishop Luers High School! Your support provides opportunities for our students in the classroom, on the athletic fields and within our numerous extra-curricular activities. We are blessed by your gifts!

07 Pub

1st Source Bank

86 Creative

A & Z Engineering


Alicia Elliott

American Sealants, Inc.

Andrew and Amy Boxberger

Andrew and Carrie Feipel

Andrew and Patricia Jur Wyss

Andy and Cindy Zay

Angela Goodwin

Anna Henry

Antonuccio’s Italian Market

Ashlee Lowe

Baker Street office Furnishings

Baldus Company

Biaggi’s Restaurant

Bobick’s Golf Inc.

Bradley Gough Jewelers

Bradley Knipp

Brent Egts

Bronn Pfeiffer

Brookwood Golf club

Bruce and Catherine Mullins Whitman


Catalyst Marketing Design

Charlie Tippmann Foundation

Chestnut Hills Golf Club

Christopher and Kristin Spoltman

Club Soda

Crazy Pins

Curly’s Village Inn

Dan and Linda Dolan Wyss

Dan and Lisa M Erb Fink

Dan McNamara

Daniel and Angela Derheimer O’Neill

Daniel and Donna North

Daniel Bamum

Dave and Joni Kuhn

David Anthony Brough

David Steffen

Deer Park Irish Pub

Delventhal Law Office Inc.

Denise Andorfer

Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

Dominic J Freiburger

Donald E Effinger

Doninic Schortgen

Doug and Jill Kinder

Douglas G Miller

Dr. Arlen horsewood

Elizabeth Loubier

Emilie Nichter

Eric Augsburger

Esther Baird

F. Walter Riebenack

First Federal Savings Bank

Fort Wayne Anodizing

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Fort Wayne Civic Theater

Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Frank and Rita Roberts Family

Frederick’s Photography

Gary and Karen Freiburger

Gary and Nancy Mickley

Gerald and Sarah Rahrig

Granite City

Gravel Road Home

Hall’s Restaurants

Haller & Colvin Law Firm

Helen Celarek

Hill’s Meat Market

Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security

Indiana Physical Therapy

James and Catherine Cicchiello

James and Laura Nill Dwire

James Kelly

Jason and MacKenzie Horn Glenn

Jason Burr

Jeanne Gibson Tuttle

Jeff and Andrea M Lee Buday

Jeff and Sara Stanski

Jeff Haley Family

Jeffrey and Rebecca Bauemeister

Jeffrey Levenda, MD

Jenna Marie Scheiber

Jenny Koehl

Jeremy Bock

Jeremy Bock

Jerome and Deborah Elward Osterholt

Jessica Hartmus

Jim and Karlene Krouse

Jimmy and Angie Brown

Joe and Amy Connett Henry

Joe Skevington

John and Barb Kowalczyk

John and Beth Reimbold

John and Edie Bloom

John and Heather Spoltman Drebenstedt

John and Rachel Nelson

John and Terry Tescula

John Becker

John Kevin Disser

Jonathan and Elizabeth Yankowiak

Joseph and Nichole Wellman Crouch

Joseph B. Strack

Joshua Glenn

Justin Davis

Karla Ueber

Katharine Zuber

Kenneth and Jean Wyss

Kenton and Theresa Kiracofe

Kevin and Shannon Celarek

Kim and Bev Williamson Zuber

Knot Just Decks

Komet Hockey Club

Koorsen Fire & Security

Korte Does It All, Inc.

Kyle Lindsay

Larry and Linda Wellman

Larry and Susan Zurcher

Law’s Country Kennel

Lazer X

Leonard J Andorfer & Co.

Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill

Lime City Officials Association

Lisa Ramos

Little River Wetlands Project

Lizzy McEntee

Marianne Centlivre

Mark and Jenny Andorfer

Mary Cross Tippmann Foundation

Mary Keefer

Matt and Michelle North

Matt and Susan Schenkel

Matthew A Roskuski

Matthew and Mary Woenker Till

Max and Donna Richardson

McMahon’s Best One Tire and Auto Care

Megan Chapla

Michael and Judy Moring

Michael and Michelle Parsenow Gigli

Michael and Sherill Mourey

Michael Connolly

Michael J and Kara Wasson Kelley

Michael Kinder & Sons, Inc.

Michael Uelein

Michael Welling

Midwest Golf and Turf

Midwest Pipe & Steel Inc.

Miguel J Trevino

Mike and Lisa Gigli Palmer

Modern Mill

Moyes & Associates, LLC

Nathaniel Nill

Nick and Kelsey Spoltman

Nikki Jasperson Phillips

Nine Mile Restaurant

Obi Cai Restaurant Group

Offset One, Inc

Olivia White

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

Orchard Ridge Country Club

Orthopaedics NorthEast/SportONE

Parrish Orthodontics

Paul W Blackburn

Peg Perego

Perdue Printed Products

Peter Franklin Jewelers

Phillip Baker

Pizza Hut

Pocahontas Swim Club

Pollyanna Martin

PRP Wine

Putt Putt Fun Center

Pyle Style Academy

Rev. Anthony P Steinacker

Rev. Dr. Eric A Zimmer

Rev. Jason Freiburger

Rev. Willam J Sullivan

Rich’s Auto Center

Richard and Emily Saul Van Fossen

Richard and Nancy Aksamit Konzem

Ritual by Michelle Marie

Rose Ann Scranton

Roy and Karen Gregerson

Rub a Dub Dog

Rudy’s Cigar Shop

Ryan Bol

S Fletcher Moppert

S. Christopher Shim

Sandra A Williamson

Scott and Wendy Monnier Miller

Shannon Peterson

Skip and Pamela Sandels

Skip and Pamela Sandels

SportONE/Parkview Icehouse

Sports Center


Stephen and Catherine Diagostino Seinacker

Stephen J Diagostino

Steve Palmer

Steven and Janet Allemeier Strawbridge

Summit Consultants, Inc.

Sweet Aviation

T & D Motor Sports

The Family Business Consulting Group

The Golf House

The Shed

The Stand

The TOMA Foundation

Theresa Andorfer

Thomas and Helen Nill

Thomas and Kathryn Felts

Three Rivers Distilling Co.

Tim and Becky Romary Pape

Tom and Cindy Henry

Tom Shank

TrophyCenter Plus, LLC

University of Saint Francis

Vera Bradley

Vincent J Bloomfield

William and Sue Scheiber

Wings, etc.

YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne

Zac and Katie Blombach Brough