We are proud of our senior Knights and look forward to the ways they will be a light to the world beyond high school. Please review the following information as you prepare for graduation.

Graduating Class of 2018: 129 Students

College-Bound: 85%

In-State Colleges: 20

Out-of-State Colleges: 18


Test scores must be sent to colleges and NCAA/NAIA through the testing agency. Up to 4 test scores can be sent at no cost; any additional scores sent will be charged a fee.

Students on reduced/free lunch can waiver the test taking fee.


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College Info

College Visits

  • Junior and seniors have the opportunity to meet in a small-group setting with college admissions representatives from many colleges who make a visit to Bishop Luers each fall. Students must register in advance for each visit using their Naviance account.
  • Making a final college decision usually involves visiting each of the final choices to get more information and a general "feel" for the school. Juniors and seniors are allowed two excused absences each year for the purpose of these exploratory visits. Students must submit a signed permission slip (College Visit Form) in advance of the visit, and signed proof of their visit must be provided when they return.

College Visit Form

Applying for College

Applying to college is foremost in seniors' minds. Students will apply directly online through Naviance. When applying for admissions, the application, transcript, school/counselor forms, letters of recommendation, etc., are all processed through Naviance / Family Connection. The college application process has become "paperless." Schools using the Common Application are also processed through Naviance.

Naviance Student Login

Financial Aid

  • Students and families need to submit a FAFSA form for financial aid (grants, loans, work study, scholarships, etc.)
  • The FAFSA application window opens in October and must be submitted by March 10.


  • Scholarship information is listed in Navience as it becomes available.
  • Colleges and universities offer competitive merit-based scholarships to prospective students. Check with the college for information about requirements and application deadlines.
  • Scholarship search engines are available online (such as
  • The Guidance Office publishes notices of and information about local or national scholarships in announcements, in the upperclassmen English/religion classrooms and the Guidance hallway.
  • Further information and application forms are available in Guidance Room 144.

Armed Forces

The U.S. military offers opportunities for education, technical training, and administrative careers in addition to combat experience. Students interested in pursuing a military career/training can meet with visiting recruiters several times a year.

The ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) is an elective program available to students, offered on college campuses across the country. The primary function of ROTC is to recruit and educate officers of the Armed Forces. ROTC provides scholarships that can be affiliated with the U.S. Army, Navy, or Air Force.

Recruiters from each branch of the military make themselves available to visit with students during lunch in the cafeteria several times during the school year, and can answer questions students may have about service-related occupations, or they may be contacted directly at:




Air Force

U.S. Coast Guard

Class of 2020 - Important Dates

May 13

  • Deadline for school obligations (all tuition, fees, etc. paid in full)
  • Senior scholarship recognition form due

May 15

  • Deadline to reserve graduation ceremony tickets (up to 13 tickets) - more information to come
  • Senior Mass (9:30 a.m. in BLHS gym)
  • Deadline for school obligations (all tuition, fees, etc. must be paid in full)

May 17

  • Senior Awards Ceremony (6:30 p.m. in BLHS gym; families welcome to attend)

May 19-21

  • Finals

May 20

  • Senior lunch and graduation rehearsal

May 22

  • Caps and gowns distributed

May 24