• If you are a 21st Century Scholar log in to ScholarTrack to view what requirements need to be completed during your senior year.
  • Complete and submit college applications for admissions. Make sure to meet each college’s deadline. Most colleges have a student portal, that will allow you to check your application or acceptance status.
  • Ask your favorite teacher, coach, youth pastor and/or school counselor for recommendation letters. Ask them early, do not wait until the last minute.


  • Take or retake the SAT and/or ACT* to raise your scores and have the results sent to your top-choice colleges.
  • Complete and submit college applications for admissions. Remember: Meeting each college’s submission deadline can determine whether or not you are considered for a scholarship.
  • Keep an organized calendar of deadlines and to-do's
  • Request official transcripts be mailed or sent electronically to the schools that you applied to through Naviance.
  • Apply for academic, athletic and other achievement scholarships from the schools where you have been accepted if applicable.


  • Complete and submit the FAFSA at fafsa.ed.gov before your state’s deadline date. If you need assistance, set up a meeting with your counselor.


  • Review financial aid awards from top-choice colleges. Make final decision on what college to attend.
  • Complete any other financial aid forms required by your top-choice colleges.
  • Send in any college transcripts for dual-credit evaluation. You will need to request/order these from the college
  • Send in your enrollment deposit to top-choice college or university.


  • Finalize financial aid paperwork and decide on payment plan option.
  • Speak with the Admissions Office on the process to register for classes.
  • Sign up for summer orientation.
  • Congratulations on graduating from high school!


  • Have your high school send your final transcript to your college of choice through Naviance, by indicating what college or university you will be attending.
  • Send in residence life information, health forms and other required paperwork.


  • Start packing!
  • If living on campus, talk with your roommate to decide who will be bringing what items.
  • If living off campus, find out about commuter student resources such as lounges, computer labs and parking.
  • Start college!


Send in all of your ACT or SAT score reports if you plan on competing for a collegiate athletic team.

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