Discussion Questions:

  1. Why do you think the sisters hid the fact of their adoption and their friendship with each other from their families and friends? What role do you think Avery imagines her family could be implicated in as concerns the Tennessee Children's Home Society? Do you think those who adopted from Georgia Tann were complicit in her crimes? Do you think they had some inkling of her nefarious practices?
  2. What clues did the Seviers have that Georgia Tann was not operating a morally sound operation? What recourses were available to them to address the situation?
  3. What do you think motivated Georgia Tann in stealing children for adoption? Why do you think she was able to get away with what she did?
  4. How did Georgia Tann change the face of adoption?
  5. Name the ways in which Georgia Tann's industry violated the civil rights of the children and families involved? Do you think that such injustices continue in modern day?
  6. May is surprised to be welcomed home by the Seviers. She even learns that she can trust and love them. Do you think it was necessary for her to return to the Arcadia and see Briny to feel this way?
  7. What is the symbolism of the dragonfly bracelet? And what is its significance to this novel?
  8. Lisa Wingate has written more than 20 novels. What was it about this one that made it such a hit and bestseller, do you think?
  9. I found myself wanting to edit to book in certain ways to enhance it.  If you could change this book in any way, what would you change?
  10. How did the inclusion of Avery's story affect this novel for you? Did it enhance or detract from the meatier story which was May's?
  11. What are some of the morals that Lisa Wingate, a Christian inspirational writer, is attempting to get through to the reader in this novel?

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