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Scholarship Granting Organization

SGONEI benefits Bishop Luers students and donors

Bishop Luers High School currently distributed $35,000 in SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization of Northeast Indiana) funds to a total of 62 Bishop Luers students. The SGO is a scholarship program designed to provide low and middle-income families with tuition assistance. The State of Indiana created this opportunity for donors (individual and corporate) to receive a 50 percent credit for their state tax liability -- a "win-win" situation for our donors and student recipients!

We thank all donors who chose to participate in this scholarship program and benefit from the individual tax savings over 2018. Should you still wish to contribute to this fund before the end of 2018 through the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, please contact Louise Jackson, Director of Mission Advancement, Visit the diocesan SGONEI website for additional information.
You may be interested to know that due to tax laws, individual and corporate contributions made to the Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) of Northeast Indiana gives donors the opportunity to receive a 50 percent credit toward their state tax liability.
The SGONEI has been authorized by the Indiana Department of Revenue and the Indiana Department of Education to solicit contributions for tuition assistance to be awarded to students entering or attending Catholic schools. The 2013 revisions to the SGONEI program provide more families with future options for long term financial assistance. A $500 SGONEI awarded to a student would "pre-qualify" them to continue their remaining years in high school on a full Indiana School Choice Voucher and be worth $18,000.

Contribution to SGO   $10,000
50% Indiana state tax credit  $  5,000
Approximate Federal Tax Savings   $  3,100
Based on taxpayer’s bracket.

Net cost to donor    $  1,900

Donors should consult their tax advisors to determine tax consequences based on their particular situation. Tax credits can be carried over a nine year span. Stock is acceptable.

As a result of the 2011 Diocesan SGO awards, over 570 children (many receiving the funds) became eligible for choice scholarships the following years. SGO donations can be restricted for use by Bishop Luers High School. Donors cannot specify a particular student. There are no size limits on donations accepted, however, the total tax credit program has a per state fiscal year cap. The total amount of credits to be awarded July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018, is $12.5 million.

Below is an example of how an SGO donation makes a difference.

$25,000 Donation makes it possible for 50 students to receive a $500 SGO Scholarship

Full School Choice Scholarship (voucher) average $5,004

Future Benefits- if the family qualifies, they must apply each year for a School Choice Scholarship

3 year student       $15,012 total for 3 years
                            x      50 students
                           $750,600 voucher funds

4 year student      $20,016 total for 4 years
                           x        50 students
                          $1,000,800 voucher funds

Once a family has one child receive an SGO, the other members of the family are able to apply for the School Choice Scholarship.

Contact: Louise Jackson, Director of the Office of Mission Advancement (260) 456-1261 x3142