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The U.S. military is the largest and most powerful armed service in the world. Composed of five branches the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, the U.S. military offers opportunities for education, technical training, and administrative careers in addition to combat experience.
Students who wish to pursue a career or enlist in the military, must take the ASVAB test, which is designed to measure a candidate’s potential in several academic and career areas. It's the tool that all military branches use to see if a candidate is qualified to serve and at what military jobs he/she might excel. Your recruiter will help you register for this test. 
Students interested in becoming military officers, but wanting to begin military training right away, should consider applying to a military service academy or R.O.T.C. (Reserve Officers Training Corps.) It is important to start the application process early, if you are considering either of these options.  
Military service academies are operated by the United States Department of Defense and provide students with a Bachelor's degree and a military commission as an officer upon graduation.  
ROTC is an elective program affiliated with the United States Armed Forces and offered on college campuses across the country. The primary function of ROTC is to recruit and educate officers of the Armed Forces. The program offers scholarships that often cover the entire cost of university tuition and part of a student's living and book expenses. ROTC provides scholarships that are competitive and merit-based, and they can be affiliated with the US Army, Navy or Air Force.   
Recruiters from each branch of the military make themselves available to visit with students during lunch in the cafeteria several times during the school year, and can answer questions students may have about service-related occupations, or they may be contacted directly at:
U.S. Coast Guard