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College Corner

It's your senior year! Now it’s time to prepare for life after high school. Preparing for life after high school is an exciting, yet frightening process. Included in this packet are answers and guidelines to frequently asked questions. Use this as a tool to guide you through the college and scholarship application process. Familiarize yourself with the websites of the schools you are considering so you know where to find the answers to your questions. College recruiters, admissions offices, and financial aid offices are pleased to answer any specific questions you may have. Always avoid waiting until the last minute to apply for admission or scholarships. And finally, keep in mind that YOU, the student, must take charge of this process; your parents will be there to help guide you in your college search, but ultimately this is YOUR responsibility!

Junior and seniors have the opportunity to meet in a small-group setting with college admissions representatives from many colleges who make a visit to Bishop Luers each fall. Students must register in advance for each visit using their Naviance account.

Making a final college decision usually involves visiting each of the final choices to get more information and a general "feel" for the school. Juniors and seniors are allowed two excused absences each year for the purpose of these exploratory visits. Students must submit a signed permission slip (College Visit Form) in advance of the visit, and signed proof of their visit must be provided when they return.


Applying to college is foremost in seniors' minds. Students will apply directly online through Naviance. When applying for admissions, the application, transcript, school/counselor forms, letters of recommendation, etc., are all processed through Naviance / Family Connection. The college application process has become "paperless." Schools using the Common Application are also processed through Naviance.
After admission, how to pay for college education becomes of utmost importance. For all types of aid: grants, loans, 21st Century Scholars, work study and scholarships, all students and their families need to file a FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid). FAFSA window will open Oct 1st of your student's senior year and must be filed before March 10th.

There are three basic sources for college scholarships:

  • to be considered for merit-based scholarships, each college has an internal deadline. Students must submit their college application by that date. Typically, these dates are in early fall.
  • in addition, there are scholarship search engines available on the web. One of the most well-known is
  • when Guidance is notified of local or national scholarships for which our students qualify, this information is published on the announcements, posted in the junior/senior religion and English classrooms, and in the Guidance hallway. Further information, help, and application forms are available in Guidance RM 144.
Follow the links below to find a list of current scholarships available to seniors for college (recently added scholarships will show as NEW)   
Once hired, the student must bring a birth certificate and a completed “Intent to Employ” form to the Guidance Office (Room 144) during the school year and the front office during the summer.) A “completed” form is one that is fully filled in and signed by the employer, and then signed by the parent and the student. If the employer does not have an “Intent to Employ” form, one can be obtained at Bishop Luers. During the school year allow one or two days for processing; summertime work permits can take a bit longer due to restricted office hours.